Augment Epilepsy Awareness

Need for Awareness

Epilepsy is a common and diverse set of chronic neurological disorder characterized by seizures. Epilepsy causes disturbances in electrical signalling in the brain.

Epilepsy is not just a simple disorder. It has many social myths associated with it like....Epilepsy - An Incurable Curse of Devils !!!

This perception is compounded by the lack of awareness, lack of doctors treating this illness and lack of focus of the civic administration, who too consider this illness as a major social stigma.

  • Estimated number of Epilepsy Patients in MP more than 15 Lakhs
  • Total number of doctors (specialists) treating epilepsy is less than 25
  • All Specialists concentrated in 4 Major towns of MP.

Epilepsy Awareness initiatives by SVINNS

In 2012, SVINNS organised the first Bhopal Run for Epilepsy on November 18, which received a huge response from the people of Bhopal. Over 5000 participants ran the 5 KM and 10 KM events in support of Epilpesy awareness. The Bhopal run was widely covered by Local media, both Print and Electronic.

A series of events were organise to spread the awareness about epilepsy, which included talks to students at educational institutions in Bhopal. Facts and myths about epilepsy were printed on registeration forms of the run. CMEs on advanced care were organised for medical professionals.

And also last but not the least, a canvas painting event was held for differently-abled children.It was a heart-touching experience to see their emotions and enthusiasm. Their desire and efforts towards making a masterpeice was amazing.

Continuous reminders are needed to washout the myths and let people believe against their beliefs....hence this initiative of spreading awareness through "Bhopal Run for Epilepsy" has to be an annual event.

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